Most items are finished with a durable polyurethane clear coat that will stand up well to moisture or spills and moderate heat. Not much maintenance is required beyond the occasional dusting. If more aggressive cleaning is needed you can use a water and dish detergent solution applied with a clean cloth. It is not necessary or suggested to use a furniture paste wax on pieces finished with polyurethane.


Our wall-mounted knife blocks come in two different wood species; solid maple and solid teak.

The maple knife blocks are finished using a butcher-block finish that is food safe and non-toxic. Its purpose is to moisturize the wood to prevent cracking over time. If needed you can re-apply a coat of butcher block finish (available at most home improvement stores).

The teak knife blocks have no finish applied to them and should require very little or no maintenance at all. We do not apply fresh teak oil to the knife blocks during production.

NOTE: One should not place knives on the cutting blocks if they are wet. Moisture between the knives and wood could cause discoloration of the wood and even damage your knives. Be sure any items are completely dry before placing them on the wood block.